Each programme includes one assessment, however there is no limit to how many times you can re-purchase a programme.

Absolutely. The Red Tree will have access to your report to assess what additional support can be offered, but your data is completely safe, it will never be passed to external parties or sold on.

The main difference is that the Self Assessment programme is completed independently. The One-to-one Evaluation is completed under the guidance of a consultant, feedback is detailed and follow up support provided.

Self Assessment does not include any time with a Red Tree consultant, where as a One-to-one Evaluation includes considerable consultancy support.

The Self Assessment programme does not include any consultancy time. The Red Tree is able to offer a range of follow up consultancy services. Please get in touch to discuss.

The programme is operated via a user friendly digital platform, your report is generated in PDF form meaning that it can be downloaded and printed with ease.

The length of your report depends on the how RaceFit™ your brand is. For every question where there is an area of weakness you will receive feedback and advice. If your brand needs a lot of work then you are likely to receive a great deal of feedback. If your brand performs well, you will receive less direct feedback—but that’s great news, it means you are RaceFit™!

Self Assessment reports are generated instantly. One-to-one Evaluation reports should be ready 5 working days after the initial review.

You should answer honestly and instinctively. Very often your initial response will be the most accurate. If you don’t understand a question, or are having difficulty knowing how to answer questions you should consider choosing the One-to-one Evaluation programme where a consultant is on hand to give you guidance. We offer a special rate for those wishing to upgrade to One-to-one Evaluation after completing a Self Assessment.

Self-assessment can be completed wherever you have access to the internet. One-to-one Evaluation is ideally completed in person at The Red Tree’s offices in London. Sessions can also be run remotely via Skype.

The Red Tree is able to offer strategic consultancy at every stage in a brand’s journey. The Red Tree also provides Country Management for brands. Find out more about The Red Tree here or get in touch directly to discuss how we can help your brand.

We advise completing the form in one sitting, however if you wish to save and exit part way through you will be emailed a link allowing you to complete the form at a later stage.

The Self-assessment programme can be paid for instantly via our secure online payment window where all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Participants in the One-to-one Evaluation programme will receive an invoice, 50% of which should be paid in advance of the first meeting and the remaining 50% in advance of the second meeting.

Yes, the Self-assessment programme is entirely virtual so you can get started straight away. One-to-one Evaluations can be conducted remotely via Skype; please get in touch with our team to discuss in more detail. Programme fees are charged in Stirling and payment is made via secure digital platforms.